Here is my dad in front of the world's largest (I believe) alligator juniper.

Here I am at the base of the big juniper. You can't see the juniper in the picture, but one of its progeny may be on the left.

Here is my dad crossing a stream on a stump. And making a goofy face.

Here is my dad studying a potentially much wetter stream crossing in Lower Gallinas Canyon.

Here I am showing him how it's done.

Now posing.

Now satisfied with my success.

Dad goes for it.

I always suspected he could walk on water.

Tulip doesn't mind getting wet. She has no trouble with stream crossings.

We saw many beautiful rock formations along the canyon walls.

Here are Dad and Tulip at a much easier stream crossing, this one in Purgatory Chasm.

We passed these cliffs on the way to Purgatory Chasm.

Dad and Tulip on the road.

Heading home.

Tulip and I like to lounge on the couch after a nice day of hiking.

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